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Communication is an essential component in a project as complex and detailed as a clinical trial. The verbal and written exchanges between researchers and patients play a key role in everything from dictating instructions on patient care, to reporting how changes in care may be impacting the patients’ well-being. Ultimately, the capability of key players within the trial to communicate effectively and efficiently can impact the overall success of a clinical trial and influence the associated project timeline and cost.


Colpitts’ clinical clients host trials that draw participants from all around the world, in which case Colpitts’ clinical experts arrange translators to be available as necessary at the trial site. While these arrangements are typically booked weeks or months in advance, trial participants can be added or dropped at any time, meaning Colpitts must always be prepared for last-minute changes – and willing to go the extra mile to fulfill a spur-of-the-moment request.

In one such case, it was almost the end of the business day on a Friday afternoon when a trial sponsor contacted Colpitts in need of two full-day interpreters across the globe in Turkey. The client needed the Bulgarian translators for a trial subject, and required confirmation of the translators’ availability confirmed the next day – a non-business day. This task may not have been feasible, except for the fact that Colpitts is a global company with offices and partners in all corners of the world. By leveraging Colpitts’ expansive network of resources, Colpitts clinical travel specialists were able to quickly deliver on all the client’s requests.


Meeting our clients’ needs gives us great satisfaction, but exceeding them is always our mission. The trial sponsor and patient in this scenario were so pleased with the level of service they received from their Colpitts travel coordinators that they have since requested to work with them specifically on several other projects.

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