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Connecting the World: Colpitts Clinical Reaches Over 190 Locations in 50 Countries

Colpitts Clinical offers worldwide support for clinical trials, with access to over 190 locations in over 50 countries. This global reach enables Colpitts Clinical to secure reduced travel rates, provide culturally-sensitive services, offer local language support and tailor services to meet the unique needs of patients participating in clinical trials sponsored by Colpitts Clinical’s clients. Additionally, Colpitts Clinical offers language translation services to ensure seamless communication for foreign patients traveling to another country for their clinical trial.

language translation service for clinical trials


Patients seeking medical solutions may come from all parts of the world to participate in clinical trials, bringing a diverse range of languages with them. This diversity is valuable from a scientific standpoint, but it also poses logistical challenges for trial sponsors and coordinators, particularly in terms of communication between patients and clinical researchers. Colpitts Clinical overcomes this challenge by offering language support in up to 240 languages through highly skilled interpreters, ensuring smooth communication and a positive experience for both trial participants and coordinators.

Onsite Interpreter Services for Clinical Trials
Colpitts Clinical provides onsite interpreters who are fluent in up to 170 languages, ensuring effective communication between trial participants and researchers. Whether it’s at the trial site, hospital, patient’s home, or airport, Colpitts’ interpreters are available to assist with everything from hotel check-ins to getting familiar with the new surroundings. The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently is critical for the success of a clinical trial, and Colpitts’ onsite interpreters play a crucial role in ensuring smooth and accurate communication between patients and researchers, which in turn can impact the overall timeline and cost of the trial.

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