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Colpitts Clinical provides expert guidance and cost-saving strategies to enhance the productivity and compliance of your clinical trials. Our services are designed to minimize expenses while meeting the patient travel and expense needs of clinical trials.

Benefits of choosing Colpitts Clinical:

  • No monthly minimum fees, patient registration fees, management fees, only a one-time implementation fee per study.
  • Our clients only pay for the services they use.
  • All invoices are FDA compliant and give the information needed to manage study expenses.

With over 22 years of experience serving the biotechnology, CRO, and pharmaceutical industries, Colpitts Clinical offers tailored travel solutions that maximize trial opportunities.

Patient recruitment in clinical trials can present challenges, especially in the case of Rare and Orphan Diseases. That’s why Colpitts Clinical adopts a low-risk pricing model for our clients, ensuring you only pay for the services utilized by patients.

When comparing vendor pricing, it’s essential to consider the overall value and cost savings that Colpitts Clinical can provide to your clinical trials.

No large setup or monthly fees
Only pay for the services you use
Compliant Transactional Billing


Colpitts low-risk pricing model

• Sponsors ONLY pay for services utilized by Patients

This means Colpitts will never charge any monthly maintenance fees, management fees or patient monthly minimum fees.

• Small nominal one-time implementation fee

Then a transaction fee based pricing model for services booked

It’s important to consider the big picture when comparing vendor pricing.

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