Off the Reservation

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One major aspect of sponsoring a clinical trial is being culturally sensitive to the needs of patients who come from all over world. Cultural factors are especially important to account for when booking the travel and accommodations for trial participants, but these details can be the most difficult for sponsors to arrange without the help of experienced travel specialists who have access to a wide range of resources.

The Colpitts clinical team was recently asked to provide ground transportation for a trial participant who lives on a Native American reservation. Cultural restrictions severely limited the transportation vendors that were allowed to drive onto the reservation and therefore, not a typical scenario for arranging patient travel.
As a global travel company, Colpitts has access to a wide network of transportation providers, whether ground, air or sea travel is required. After receiving specifications from the patient living on the Native American reservation, Colpitts was able to tap into its network and locate a suitable provider that was able to provide timely service for the patient while conforming to cultural regulations.

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