From Travel Reservations to Account Management

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Journey at Colpitts Clinical: From Travel Reservations to Account Management

Every day at Colpitts Clinical is a testament to the incredible team I have the privilege of working with. As an Account Manager, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the inner workings of this remarkable team. My journey at Colpitts Clinical didn’t begin in account management; it started on the reservations team, where I spent five rewarding years.

Reservations Team: A Glimpse into Patient Care

From the very moment I walked into the office for my first interview, I was captivated by the spirit of the reservations team. The idea of contributing each day to alleviate some of the stress that comes with illness resonated with me. As a Clinical Travel Coordinator, my role allowed me to connect with patients directly. Arranging their travel was more than a job; it was a source of fulfillment.

Speaking to patients daily, I could hear the relief in their voices, knowing that I was helping to ease their burdens. It takes a remarkable kind of strength for patients, often battling serious illnesses, to embark on frequent journeys for clinical trials. However, it’s equally remarkable to witness the dedication of my colleagues on the reservations team. They are caring travel professionals who consistently go above and beyond to ensure that patients’ needs are met. It’s often said that it takes a special person to be a nurse, but I’ve come to believe that it also takes a special person to work at Colpitts Clinical.

Transition to Account Management: Bridging the Gap

My journey at Colpitts Clinical took a new direction when I transitioned into Account Management. Now, I have the privilege of meeting with sponsors on a regular basis. What I discovered was that my background in reservations was an invaluable asset. My knowledge of the intricacies of patient travel allowed me to respond effectively to the needs of both patients and sponsors as we embarked on new clinical trials.

In my current role, I take great pleasure in speaking with clinical trial sites and providing training on our portal. I’ve become a liaison, helping to solve problems on a daily basis. Collaborating with sites and sponsors to find the best possible solutions when challenges arise is a rewarding aspect of my work. What makes this journey even more fulfilling is the incredible support from my colleagues in the Account Management department. They are always willing to lend a hand and collaborate on new ways to ensure that we provide the best service possible.

My time at Colpitts Clinical has been an enriching journey, from my beginnings on the reservations team to my role as an Account Manager today. Witnessing the dedication of my colleagues and the resilience of the patients we serve has reinforced my belief that working at Colpitts Clinical is a unique and special experience. I look forward to continuing to contribute to the well-being of patients and the success of our clinical trials in this extraordinary team.


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