What does Kindness Cost?

It is really a simple answer – being kind costs absolutely nothing in terms of dollars and cents. Kindness only takes a small adjustment in our own attitude, but can make an impact far beyond our [...]

Making the Impossible Possible

Just when you think that the odds are stacked against you and you will never find what you need, Colpitts Clinical might surprise you in making the impossible possible. An individual traveling on [...]

The Healing Power of Clinical Travel

When a patient enrolls in a clinical trial, the hope is that they will receive relief from whatever medical condition affects their quality of life. The success of treatments involved in these [...]

Pack your patience

We work hard throughout the year and dream of that vacation – maybe to a fun-filled theme park or a picturesque cruise. We get our luggage ready and start packing, making sure everything [...]

Hotel or Apartment: How to Choose

Depending on where you live, you may be lucky enough to have clinical trials available nearby. Many patients might only live a few hours from their site, while others are halfway across the [...]

Colpitts Goes Beyond Travel

Colpitts has become a recognized name in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries as a specialist in clinical trial travel. Many sponsors and site coordinators – over 700 of them – have [...]

When Clinical Becomes Personal

In terms of building interpersonal relationships with patients, travel coordination for clinical trials may sound like it’s a pretty hands-off job. One might assume that our clinical coordinators [...]

Lost, But Not Alone

Traveling requires some practice before a person feels comfortable planning, packing, navigating airports, and making their way around new places. All of this can be stressful even for the [...]

Running for Research

When faced with the challenge of running 13.1 miles, my mind was initially filled with self-doubt. But after doing a bit of research into how this challenge could contribute to the lives of so [...]

Airport Scam Crosses the Line

I have been involved in the airline and travel management business for over 30 years and I have heard countless stories about ways in which passengers try to board their flight early. I know it’s [...]

Steps to Investigator Meeting Success

So you have been tasked with planning an Investigator Meeting (IM). These events have such a significant impact on the overall success of a clinical trial that the desire to achieve results can [...]

Creating a Home Away From Home

Many people know the uneasy feeling of being in an unfamiliar place. In this type of situation we look for comforts that remind us of home and give us the sense that we’re not alone. Providing [...]

One-of-a-Kind Solutions

Colpitts Clinical routinely encounters patients who have medical needs that make being away from home challenging. Addressing these needs in Colpitts’ custom itineraries is standard practice, [...]

Ahead of the Curve

Some logistical challenges cannot be predicted or planned for, but years of experience have given Colpitts Clinical the advantage of knowing how to respond quickly and effectively to common [...]

Medication on Board

Airlines are continuously adding to their lists of restricted items in checked and carry-on baggage. Travelers can often be seen unloading oversized liquids at the security gate and begrudgingly [...]

Patient Interests, Our Priorities

Pets are part of the family, so it’s no surprise that Colpitts receives many requests for patients to bring along their service or companion animals while on medical-related travel. Only certain [...]

Unique Needs, Custom Solutions

There is no simple, out-of-the-box solution for clinical trial travel. Each trial sponsor deals with varying site requirements, levels of patient care and accommodation needs. Essentially, there [...]

Going Beyond the Scope of Service

Patients involved in clinical trials often have medical conditions that make travel challenging. The clinical team at Colpitts is skilled in organizing travel for patients who require special [...]

Going the Extra Mile

Some clinical trials require participation from an extremely limited population, meaning that sponsors are often eager to ensure that all qualified subjects are able to participate. Over ten [...]

Not so lost in translation

Communication is an essential component in a project as complex and detailed as a clinical trial. The verbal and written exchanges between researchers and patients play a key role in everything [...]

Off the Reservation

One major aspect of sponsoring a clinical trial is being culturally sensitive to the needs of patients who come from all over world. Cultural factors are especially important to account for when [...]

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