Pack your patience

We work hard throughout the year and dream of that vacation – maybe to a fun-filled theme park or a picturesque cruise. We get our luggage ready and start packing, making sure everything [...]

Lost, But Not Alone

Traveling requires some practice before a person feels comfortable planning, packing, navigating airports, and making their way around new places. All of this can be stressful even for the [...]

Ahead of the Curve

Some logistical challenges cannot be predicted or planned for, but years of experience have given Colpitts Clinical the advantage of knowing how to respond quickly and effectively to common [...]

Medication on Board

Airlines are continuously adding to their lists of restricted items in checked and carry-on baggage. Travelers can often be seen unloading oversized liquids at the security gate and begrudgingly [...]

Going the Extra Mile

Some clinical trials require participation from an extremely limited population, meaning that sponsors are often eager to ensure that all qualified subjects are able to participate. Over ten [...]

Off the Reservation

One major aspect of sponsoring a clinical trial is being culturally sensitive to the needs of patients who come from all over world. Cultural factors are especially important to account for when [...]

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