Colpitts Clinical-Our Story

Embracing Change to Accomplish Great Things

As a company with a history stretching back over 130 years, Colpitts Clinical has undergone a significant evolution. Although our focus on providing travel services specifically for clinical trials may not be a new idea, we have a long-standing history in the travel industry and are dedicated to continuously improving our services to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Our roots can be traced back to our founding as a division of Colpitts World Travel, and we continue to make strides as a Direct Travel company.

Our Logo

Our logo is inspired by our rich history and our clients. It represents our continuous evolution and never-ending commitment to our clinical partners. Much like a clinical trial, our logo has four components. Each piece represents the contributions we make to a clinical trial – trial implementation and management, arranging prepaid air travel, rail travel, sedan transfers and hotel accommodations, prepaid per diems and patient expense reimbursement management. Countless hours of planning and careful consideration go into each of these services, depending on the client, the trial, and the patient. We have no standard services. That’s why we’re constantly moving, tailoring each piece.

Our Colors
The colors of our logo symbolize the evolution of our client relationships. We begin with light gray, symbolizing the start of a new relationship with a trial Sponsor or CRO and the process of understanding their needs. Then, things heat up with the red color, representing our quick and efficient action to provide the necessary services for a successful partnership. The dark gray symbolizes the peak of the trial, when our clients are focused on medical research and we are ensuring smooth travel and expense management for trial participants. As the trial comes to a close, the blue color represents a calming period, where Colpitts Clinical handles the final details like patients last visits, patient expense reimbursements and reporting. This cycle has repeated over 1,000 times in our more than 1,000 managed trials.

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