Our Story

Always Evolving to Keep Trials Moving Forward

Like any company with a history of more than 130 years, we have come a long way. Travel specialists dedicated to clinical trial travel may seem like a new idea, but Colpitts Clinical has deep roots in the travel industry, and we are pioneers in dedicated clinical trial travel. From our founding as a division of our namesake, Colpitts World Travel,  a Direct Travel company, we continuously improve in order to innovate and exceed expectations.

Our Logo
Our logo is inspired by our rich history and our clients. It represents our continuous evolution and never-ending commitment to our clinical partners. Much like a clinical trial, our logo has four components. Each piece represents the contributions we make to a clinical trial – trial implementation, air travel, ground transportation, living accommodations, and patient expense management. Countless hours of planning and careful consideration go into each of these services, depending on the client, the trial, and the patient. We have no standard services. That’s why we’re constantly moving, tailoring each piece.

Our Colors
The colors of our logo symbolize the evolution of our client relationships. We start with the light gray, as we get to know our new trial sponsor and understand their needs. Then things start to heat up, hence the red color. We work quickly to provide service details that will set our partnership on the track to success. The dark gray is the peak of the trial, while our clients are engrossed in medical research, and we are ensuring that trial participants are where they need to be and comfortable. As the trial nears its end we reach the blue color, which represents the cool-down. Trial managers can begin to relax while Colpitts Clinical handles patient expense reimbursements and reporting. But the cycle goes on, as it has more than 1,000 times before for each of the more than 1,000 trials for which we have managed travel.

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