Colpitts Clinical’s HIPAA and GDPR compliant portal allows trial Site Coordinators to boost their productivity with 24/7 access to important features, including the ability to create patient profiles, submit travel requests, and manage patient reimbursements, even when they are on the go using a mobile device. Site Coordinators can eliminate the need for back-and-forth, non-secure email communication, and can easily set travel guidelines and patient reimbursement rates so that Colpitts Clinical’s Travel and Expense Coordinators can ensure accurate travel logistics.

The portal enables seamless, compliant, and secure communication, which is essential when trial sites are located all over the world. There’s no need for Site Coordinators and Travel Coordinators to coordinate calls across different time zones. The portal not only provides ease of use, but also the level of security required for clinical trial records.

As the cost of conducting clinical trials continues to rise, the paperless nature of the Colpitts Clinical portal provides valuable time, printing and mailing cost savings. Clients have quickly recognized the benefits of the portal, which has a 92% utilization rate.

The 21st century presents numerous challenges in data collection, and the Colpitts Clinical portal leverages the latest technology to tackle these challenges. It will continue to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of clinical trial sponsors, CROs, and trial sites.

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