Colpitts’ HIPAA compliant portal allows site coordinators 24/7 enhanced productivity access to create new patient profiles, travel requests, patient prepaid card requests, patient reimbursement, and more, including when they are on-the-go using a mobile device. Site coordinators are able to avoid the back-and-forth non compliant email communication involved in gathering details for patient appointments, and can easily specify travel guidelines and per-diem patient reimbursement rates in order for Colpitts Clinical travel coordinators to secure all travel logistics accurately.

The portal allows for seamless, compliant and secure communication, which is key when trial sites can be anywhere across the globe. Neither the site or travel coordinator need to schedule calls between various time zones. The portal not only provides ease-of-use, but also the level of security that clinical trial records demand.

As the cost of conducting clinical trials reaches new heights, the paperless aspect of the Colpitts Clinical portal provides much-needed savings in time, printing and mailing. Clients have quickly recognized the benefits of the Colpitts Clinical portal, which has a 92% utilization rate.

There are countless challenges related to data collection in the 21st century. The Colpitts Clinical portal leverages the latest technology to help address these challenges, and will continue to evolve in order to meet the needs of clinical trial sponsors, CROs and trial sites.

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