Going the Extra Mile

 In Case Studies

Some clinical trials require participation from an extremely limited population, meaning that sponsors are often eager to ensure that all qualified subjects are able to participate. Over ten years of providing travel management services for trial sponsors in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, Colpitts has grown flexible in accommodating very unique requirements that must be met in order for subjects to participate in these trials.

The sponsor for one trial for which Colpitts was providing services informed the company that an Amish patient would be participating in a study of a rare disease. The sponsor was eager to assist any qualified patients by any means that would allow them to participate. This patient was willing to participate in the study, but expressed concern that the farm they owned and operated could not be left unattended for a week during the trial. Colpitts secured a farmer that would be on site to operate the farm during their absence.

Colpitts is accustomed to leveraging its wide network of hotel, air and ground transport providers to meet the needs of clinical patients, but sometimes it’s a matter of genuine commitment to clients’ needs. It is this commitment, combined with years of clinical travel expertise, that sets Colpitts apart.

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