What does Kindness Cost?

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It is really a simple answer – being kind costs absolutely nothing in terms of dollars and cents. Kindness only takes a small adjustment in our own attitude, but can make an impact far beyond our own small circles. In the clinical travel industry, “empathy” isn’t listed on paper as one of our job skill requirements, but it is certainly required to do our jobs well.

I thought about this as I was in the grocery store recently. I noticed three people walking by another shopper who was using a motorized shopping cart. She was trying to reach a box of pasta on one of the top shelves, but not one of the passing shoppers offered to help. I wondered if we as a society have become so selfish that we are unable to see or offer assistance when another person needs a small favor. My heart wants to say “no,” but I’m not so sure.

As I helped the woman reach the box of pasta, she explained she likes to use the pasta that’s a certain shape because it’s for a recipe that her grandchildren love. This whole ordeal took 5 seconds of my time and the woman was so thankful. It’s important to remember that we can all afford kindness. Kindness doesn’t have to come in the form of a large check written out to a charity, or hours of volunteering. Sometimes kindness takes only 5 seconds, and that’s something we all have to give.

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