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Patient travel is an often-overlooked aspect of successful clinical trials, yet requires extensive coordination and expertise. Colpitts Clinical, a Direct Travel company, is managing this unique need within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in the United States, Europe, and around the world with its full range of clinical trial travel services. Colpitts has also recently reached some major milestones within its expanding Clinical Division, which has grown ten-fold over the past several years – an indicator of how important it is for trial sponsors and CROs to recruit and retain qualified participants.

Recruiting Participants for Clinical Trials

Clinical trials recruit patients from all over the world. Particularly in the research of rare diseases, it is not uncommon for trial participants to travel from all corners of the globe in search of answers to their medical conditions. While diversity amongst the patients is optimal from a scientific standpoint, it does present some logistical challenges for trial sponsors and coordinators – the most prevalent of which may be the language barrier between patients and the clinical researchers. Colpitts Clinical offers access to up to 240 languages through experienced interpreters, providing the best over-the-phone and on-site experience for trial participants and coordinators.

Recruiting Participants

Recruiting participants is challenging

Travel Service is Key to the Success of a Clinical Trial

Features such as 24/7 phone support, custom accommodations special requests, and the flexibility to adjust to last-minute changes all contribute to client retention and referral business in the clinical trial travel space.  Eighty percent of new business at Colpitts Clinical is attributed to referrals from clinical trial sponsors and site coordinators who work with us to arrange the logistics of patient travel and expenses. Seamless transportation, quick expense reimbursement, and easy-to-use technology are often mentioned by patients and site coordinators as services and tools that have improved the clinical trial experience.

Colpitts’ network of sedan services extends over 30,000 vehicles worldwide. These services address patient barriers such as wheelchair accessibility and vehicle size to ensure that families traveling for long-term trial participation can transport their entire luggage. When traveling across the country or overseas, patients may be unable to research reliable, safe means of transportation. Drivers within Colpitts’ network of providers are vetted with full background and drug tests, and all vehicles are tracked and monitored via real-time GPS.


What is Expense Reimbursement

What is expense reimbursement for patients?

What is Expense Reimbursement for patients

The reloadable Visa prepaid cards offered allow trial sponsors to request per diem payments for trial participants, so they have money on-hand while attending their clinical trial appointments and they will not have to file extensive paperwork for reimbursement. Unlike the traditional process of check payments, there is no lapse when a patient needs to extend their participation time, as sponsors can immediately request a reload to the patient’s Visa. If a card is lost or stolen, remaining funds can easily be transferred to a new card without financial or emotional stress for the patient.

Colpitts’ portal allows clients 24/7 access to create new patient profiles, travel requests, patient prepaid card requests, patient reimbursement forms, and more, even when they are on the go and using a mobile device. Site coordinators are able to avoid the back-and-forth email communication involved in gathering details for patient appointments, and can easily specify travel guidelines and per diem patient reimbursement rates so that Colpitts’ clinical travel coordinators can secure all travel logistics accurately.

We have an amazing dedicated team at Colpitts Clinical that makes it all come together.


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