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Since the inception of clinical trial patient travel and expense services at Colpitts Clinical nearly 20 years ago, it was clear to our team that there were significant barriers to participation in clinical trials.  The trouble was simple – Sponsor companies were committed to their work in helping to solve the mysteries of rare and orphan diseases.  Patients suffering from these conditions were desperate to participate in these often times life-saving clinical trials.  However, these Patients were few and far between, many without access to information and education about clinical trials, or the means to financially support themselves or their families while participating.  The trial sites where their indications were being studied were limited and sparsely located, often times across the globe from where Patients lived.  From the very beginning, Colpitts Clinical decided that part of our mission as a company would be to work with Sponsor companies to help eliminate these barriers to participation.  Colpitts Clinical has always been, and remains to be committed to inclusion, equity and diversity in clinical trials.

While there are a number of factors impacting whether Patients feel able and willing to participate in Clinical Studies, one of the most obvious is their socioeconomic status.  If a Patient does not feel that they have access to a clinical trial, either because they do not have the financial standing to travel on their own, stay overnight, or even pay for parking while at their trial site, they simply feel participation is prohibitive.

Eliminating Barriers for Access to Clinical Trials

By managing the entirety of Patient’s travel and expenses, essentially serving as Patient Liason, Colpitts Clinical is helping to eliminate these barriers to trial participation.  There is no denying that “…a disparity exists within the participant population of clinical research trials in the United States. Female, minority, lower socioeconomic status, and lower educational achievement patients are all underrepresented demographics in clinical research trials. After acknowledging this disparity, the next step is to further understand what may be preventing the underrepresented demographics from participating.” Learn More

One major step Sponsors can take to help close the gap on disparity is to ease the financial burden of participating in clinical trials on Patients.  As a Patient Liason, our team works directly with Patients and their families to seamlessly guide them through each step of their trip. Partnering with an agency like Colpitts Clinical is a major step in the right direction that Sponsors can take to help ensure inclusion and equity amongst clinical trial participants.

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