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Participating in a clinical trial not only requires the involvement of the participant, but it often also entails some commitment from their family. Often, participants must live at the site of a clinical trial for anywhere between two to six months. While hotels provide all the necessities for a person to live away from home for that period, Colpitts has a solution to make long-term stays more comfortable and functional for trial participants who are relocating their family.

One such family traveling from Australia to the United States for six months needed an apartment that would provide the space and in-apartment amenities, including a full kitchen and in-unit washer and dryer, to keep their lifestyle as consistent as possible for their two children during the period of the trial. Colpitts was able to find an apartment that fit all their needs and had a spare room for accommodate a school tutor who the family hired to keep the children up-to-speed on their schoolwork.

Clinical Accommodations

Colpitts specialists have global capabilities to source apartment rentals in almost any location around the world. Once an apartment that fits the needs of the participant is found, Colpitts presents the lease to the trial sponsor and also arranges monthly payments so that families do not have to serve as an intermediary between the trial sponsor and service or hospitality providers.

When clinical trials require that participants make significant changes to their daily lives, even the smallest step to make the transition between home and the trial site easier has a substantial impact. Another of Colpitts’ successes in arranging for an apartment lease involved a family that was seeking comfort and kitchen facilities that would allow them to store medication and cook simple, quick meals for the clinical participant who had to eat on a set schedule. When going out to eat isn’t an option for clinical trial patients, having a relaxed space to prepare homemade meals is an invaluable option.

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