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Patients involved in clinical trials often have medical conditions that make travel challenging. The clinical team at Colpitts is skilled in organizing travel for patients who require special assistance while traveling, as well as those who need additional medial accommodations throughout their visits to the trial site and any stops in between. One service Colpitts often arranges for clinical subjects is ambulance charter to transport those with more severe medical conditions to their intended destinations for trial participation.

Each case of clinical trial travel is unique.
For example, a client recently requested Colpitts provide ground and air transportation for a highly immobile trial participant. Part of the trial preapproval process required the patient to undergo an x-ray, for which Colpitts was also asked to provide transportation to the local site. Additionally, the trial sponsor needed a copy of the subject’s informed consent form, which the patient was unable to print and submit from their home.

Customized Solutions
Colpitts’ solution was customized to these specifications and involved working with the ground transport company to first find a vehicle that would accommodate the patient’s mobility limitations. Once it was determined which vehicle could safely and comfortably transport the patient, Colpitts arranged for the transportation company to schedule the pretrial errands that were required before the patient could travel to the trial site.

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