Behind the Bills: Working with Clinical Patient Expenses

 In Clinical Trials

Thanks to new and improved payment capabilities like reloadable patient expense credit cards, clinical trial patients rarely have to think about all of the finances involved in their clinical trials. Finance is admittedly not the most exciting aspect of clinical trials, but working within the Colpitts Finance Team gives me a holistic view of everything that goes into clinical trial travel.

In my position I often get the opportunity to reconnect with patients. Helping with the application of funds for things like the reloadable patient expense cards gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I have a hand in making travel easier on patients. When I receive or pay funds for these trials, I think about all the work that went into this final step, which ends with me.

Every day I have some form of personal contact with the sponsors and trial members, whether it’s through the setup, the operation, or the endless funding of reimbursements. These activities always present challenges – like learning new finance software – but the Colpitts team has worked with over 750 clinical trials and handled more than 40,000 patient expense card transactions, which is a testament to our ability to help patients and trial sponsors through each step of the process, all the way to the final financial transactions.


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