Balancing Family and Medical Expenses

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Balancing Family and a Medical Expenses: Our Journey

As a mother of three and the wife of a mill worker, I understand the daily hardships that come with raising a family. Questions like, “Who’s going to watch the children when I go back to work? What school should we enroll our girls in? Who’s picking Rebecca up from practice today?” constantly looming over our heads. These are common scenarios that many families face, but it’s the tougher, more stressful questions related to finances that truly weigh us down. “Do we have enough money for the electric bill this month? Can we afford groceries this week? Should we put off fixing the car until next month when you get your bonus?”

Sometimes, sacrifices are necessary when it comes to financial decisions. For instance, as a family of five, we made the conscious choice to not dine out regularly while our kids were little. Eating out was reserved for very special occasions, perhaps twice a year. Our family vacations were more like day trips to the beach with picnic baskets in tow. And our girls happily embraced hand-me-downs and thrift store finds, excitedly putting on fashion shows with their unique treasures. However, some things are non-negotiable, especially when it comes to financial decisions that impact our health.

When my middle daughter, Rebecca, was only eight years old, she was diagnosed with scoliosis. At the time, I was a stay-at-home mother, so our sole income came from my husband. While not a life-or-death health situation, it was certainly a scare. After the initial shock, we delved into research, but a major concern soon emerged – the financial toll this diagnosis would take on our family. How great would the strain be? We were already living with every penny carefully budgeted. How were we going to afford the hospital visits, MRIs, countless X-rays, back braces, and more?

It wasn’t long after her diagnosis that some friends introduced us to a potential solution that promised much-needed financial relief. There was a children’s hospital that operated solely on donations. All we had to do was fill out an application, go before a board, and pray to be selected. And miraculously, we were! We were chosen to receive 100% free medical treatment for years! Not a single doctor’s bill, no charges for the numerous X-rays, and not once did we receive a bill for the meticulously crafted back braces Rebecca needed. The braces were tailored to her with such care and precision, yet they never asked us for payment. Our only obligation was to get there, but that presented its own challenges – it was a six-hour drive.

For years, Rebecca had to make the journey to the children’s hospital three times a year for checkups, brace adjustments, and more X-rays. A six-hour one-way trip imposed a significant strain on our single-income family of five. Even though we were spared the burden of medical bills, our financial strain would have been alleviated had we been reimbursed for the additional expenses – gas, food, and the few times we had to stay overnight. These visits became something we had to meticulously plan for and budget for.

I am profoundly grateful that my daughter was given the opportunity to receive free medical care for years, and it has allowed me to witness the positive impact that organizations like Colpitts Clinical have on their patients. One of the services they offer is expense reimbursement, and it makes an enormous difference. Companies collaborating with Colpitts Clinical simplify the reimbursement process for patients, covering expenses like gas, taxis, tolls, meals, parking, and mileage based on the sponsor of the clinical. Given the escalating costs of these essentials, it’s crucial that patients don’t have to choose between canceling their appointments or paying their electric bill. Instead, these patients can focus on their health, knowing that they’ll be promptly reimbursed for their expenditures. I can’t help but think about how much of a difference this could have made for my family.

Our journey through the trials of balancing family life and healthcare expenses has been a profound one. We’ve learned the value of organizations like Colpitts Clinical that offer expense reimbursement services, ensuring that patients can prioritize their well-being without the added burden of financial stress. It’s a lesson that has left an indelible mark on our family, and I hope that by sharing our story, we can shed light on the vital role these services play in the lives of countless individuals and families facing similar challenges.


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