What makes our Clinical Travel team work?

 In Colpitts Clinical

We have an amazing team that is made up of many different positions offering complementary skills from reservations, accounting, account management, sales, contracting and management based in Norwood, MA with team members located throughout the U.S. and in Edinburgh Scotland.

As our dedicated Clinical team took shape over the last several years it was important to work together and build trust, respect and loyalty for all positions and each other. We are constantly finding ways to improve communications and encourage everyone to share information.

Every team member contributes in an important way as all the positions operate to move our entire team toward our goal. Our goal is to successfully manage all the logistics for patient and caregiver/family travel and reimbursements with the empathy for their needs and determination to do everything possible to meet and exceed their expectations.

Our team enjoys virtual webcam meetings for all our weekly meetings so that we can connect and see each other face-to-face, which is something we have been doing for several years successfully. We like to let each person shine as we encourage listening, brainstorming and sharing as we discuss challenges, solutions and best practices.

Team Building Activities
Team-building activities help our team prepare for the last-minute, unexpected, seemingly impossible scenarios that sometimes arise due to the nature of clinical trial travel. Working together to solve problems and improve communication in these controlled team-building scenarios helps us respond quickly and efficiently when we have a real travel dilemma to resolve. One of our recent exercises involved a scavenger hunt with teams of five to six staff members from different functional areas of Colpitts Clinical. We were picked up in SUVs and made stops to gather clues. The event ended with a wonderful dinner reception and was a great success.

We recently started having shorter team-building events in the office and with our virtual employees in order to truly include everyone. The theme of the exercise is always a surprise for everyone and we have three team members volunteer to plan the event. Our May event was “Hollywood Squares,” the American TV game show that aired from 1966-1981.

We have a lot of fun, but at the end of the day these small events are what make us such a close-knit team with a shared dedication to helping all our patients, caregivers and families travel as comfortable as possible through their journey. Most of our new clients come to us as referrals from existing patients and trial coordinators, and we’re always happy to hear that we exceeded expectations.

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