The Advantages of a Reloadable Visa Card: A Financial Game Changer

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Reloadable Visa card

Within the Colpitts Clinical team we handle arranging for Reloadable Visa Cards for clinical patients and families.  The process provides several advantages, such as the ability to quickly disburse funds to patients offering them the flexibility in using the card for various expenses.

reloadable Visa card for easy payment

Reloadable Visa cards provide patients with  immediate access to funds.

A breakdown of the process would be as follows:

First, the site coordinator would send in a request to our team through our HIPAA compliant portal requesting a Reloadable Visa Card for the patient. This could be for a variety of reasons such as covering the cost of meals and fuel or providing expense reimbursements. Once the request is received, our team initiates the process of setting up the Reloadable Visa Card for the patient and arranges for the card to be sent direct to the patient or hospital depending on the established procedure or patient preference. Using a courier service to send the card to ensure secure and timely delivery. Then when the patient or hospital contacts us to advise that they have received the card, we can arrange for the card to be set up for the specific patient. This involves gathering the necessary patient information and creating a profile for them.

After the card is set up our team can upload funds onto the reloadable Visa Card as soon as the site coordinator advises us to do so. This ensures that the patient has immediate access to the funds, without the delay that can occur with traditional bank transfers. The patient can use the Reloadable Visa Card to cover the costs of meals, pay for any expenses such as fuel or make any other necessary purchases. The card also provides a convenient way to handle expense reimbursements for the patient. Any approved expenses can be added to the funds on the card, providing a transparent and easy to track method for financial support.

Overall, the process offers a practical solution for clinical trial sites and patients by providing quick access to funds for purchases. It helps streamline financial support, reduce waiting times, and simplify the handling of reimbursements for patients.


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