Reliable Air Transport for the Most Precious Cargo

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When Sponsors face the need to transport a clinical trial patient due to an urgent medical need, sponsor, patient and family need the peace of mind that only a medical air service provider can deliver. Colpitts Clinical working with medical air providers and the Medical Flight Team will plan every aspect of the transfer, from medical care needed, to ground transportation, to seasoned pilots with an average of 14,000 flights hours to ensure a safe, seamless flight.

Specially equipped aircraft
Chartering an aircraft equipped with a stretcher, that is not intended for medical aircraft, can be a safety risk that neither the sponsor, patient nor their family would want to accept. A medical air service provider such as the one Colpitts Clinical has worked with for more than five years, has medical team members with at least five years of ICU/CCU experience, and also employs specialists in neonatal and pediatric care.

Colpitts Clinical strongly believes in its medical air transport partnership. Even in unique and challenging circumstances, the patient has always been the priority.

A patient is always the priority
A patient in Venezuela needed to be transported to the U.S. in order to participate in a clinical trial. At the time, Venezuela was not allowing U.S. planes to land in the country, which made it difficult to arrange for departure on a direct flight. Colpitts Clinical arranged transportation for the patient and their family aboard a short commercial flight to a nearby Caribbean island, where an air ambulance met them upon arrival. Every logistical consideration for both air and ground transport was made to ensure an immediate and seamless departure for the family.

There are countless regulations involved in international air ambulance travel, particularly in Europe, where requirements for the medical team tend to vary. This is why it is beneficial to work with Colpitts Clinical and our internationally accredited partner with resources worldwide that allow for streamlined operations that follow all guidelines and protocols.

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