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Just when you think that the odds are stacked against you and you’ll never find what you need, Colpitts Clinical might surprise you. An individual traveling on their own would be hard pressed to find suitable accommodations during sold-out events like the Super Bowl, city-wide conventions, or during peak graduation periods in May. Not only that, but add in special requirements for medically necessary equipment and room standards, and you may be out of luck.

Colpitts Clinical has grown accustomed to thinking outside the box to handle these requests that might intimidate other travel companies. We always consider the cost, time, and resources in mind, but ultimately the goal is to ensure the patient is able to travel comfortably, no matter what their needs are or how booked airlines and hotels may be.

One patient had an expensive, custom-fit wheelchair that was needed for travel. This patient typically only traveled locally to a trial site, but at one point needed to make a long-distance trip for treatment. Colpitts arranged for the patient’s wheelchair to be shipped across the country so that it would be waiting upon their arrival.

We all want our hotel to be clean, but one family which Colpitts assisted literally could not be exposed to germs due to a medical condition. Colpitts was able to find them an apartment and arrange for special cleaning of the space, including daily replacement of air conditioner filters, as well as daily pickup of linens to be cleaned outside of the hotel, and regular meal delivery.

Please contact Colpitts Clinical to see how we can support what you might think is impossible!

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