Innovation During A Pandemic: New Services Allow Clinical Trial Continuity

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Clinical trials represent a significant investment of time and resources, and for many patients, they represent the hope for new medical advancements and treatments. The COVID-19 pandemic has halted a number of services that are generally necessary in order to facilitate clinical trials, as well as patient care and transport during trials. However, in some cases trials have been able to safely continue thanks to quick thinking and innovation when it comes to reinventing the way Sponsors, CROs and the clinical trial industry provide patient services.

New Services to help Sponsors/CROs during Covid-19 Pandemic

Colpitts Clinical is offering new services so that Sponsors/CROs can continue clinical trial appointments at patients’ homes. Some of these services include a no-contact drug courier service and medical equipment and device delivery directly to the patient’s home. Transportation is one of the key issues facing many frontline workers at this time, so Colpitts has arranged for medical personnel transportation from the trial site to patients’ homes for the purpose of in-home visits. We have also leveraged video conferencing tools to continue providing on-demand access to language interpreting services in 36 of the world’s most-spoken languages.

Travel Industry using new technology to increase safety for travelers

We’re not the only ones getting creative. The travel industry as a whole is utilizing new technology to help combat the virus and increase safety for travelers. Airlines have begun using a camera that screens passengers’ temperatures to determine whether they have a fever over 100.5 degrees. Disinfecting robots used to sanitize hospitals and other medical facilities are now being used in hotels to clean rooms and common areas with the hope that travelers can begin to feel safe again once businesses begin to reopen. Although the hope is that the pandemic quickly fades away, many industries are planning to prepare for substantial changes in how they conduct business. Clinical travel is no exception, but Colpitts is reinventing its services every day in order to meet the needs of our partners.


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