COVID-19 Is Still Here, But So Are We

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Challenging times bring out the best in people and it truly shows the importance of always pulling together as a team.

You may be part of a team at work with your colleagues, at home with your family, and in your community with your neighbors.

We are all watching the amazing efforts and work that so many teams are doing – the frontline hospital workers, first responders, military personnel, pharmacists, grocery store clerks and so many others who are putting themselves out there to keep everyone safe and each and every one of them is a truly amazing team member.

Our teachers are working hard to keep our children engaged and learn together as a team, offering the best education and support for our future generations.

At Colpitts Clinical, we see our partners in the pharmaceutical industry going above and beyond to meet the demand for a vaccine that will keep us safe and allow us to return to our normal routines.

What we do know is that every team need its members to be working toward a shared purpose and common goal. Teams require commitment, trust and open lines of communication. Let’s focus on being the best team members possible on all the teams in our lives that need us now.

By Jeanne Johnston

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