A Year of Growth and Camaraderie at Colpitts Clinical

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The Colpitts Clinical team works tirelessly throughout the year at our offices across the country and across the globe. After all those late nights and last-minute itinerary changes, our favorite thing to do is challenge ourselves to one last test of teamwork before the holidays. This year we gathered in our headquarters’ hometown of Norwood, MA, for a scavenger hunt to utilize everyone’s creativity, negotiation, and research skills.


Colpitts Clinical coordinators were placed in team’s of 5 and assigned to different SUVs  to travel from one destination to the other, as we tracked down clues. Of course, the hunt was travel-themed, and each team snapped photos of themselves at the municipal airport, a local hotel, and several restaurants to prove that they visited each location. The evening ended with a wonderful team dinner.


With a growing department and ever-increasing demand for customized travel services, it’s important to Colpitts Clinical to bring the team together and celebrate our successes and passion for our work. There were many laughs and plenty of team spirit to help power us through what we hope to be our best year yet in 2018.

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