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Many of us take for granted the ability to quickly grab a taxi or ride share from the airport to our final destination. Apps have made it easier than ever to coordinate that short, last leg of many of our trips. However, it’s not quite so simple for some travelers. At Colpitts we frequently hear from clinical trial patients and caregivers how much they appreciate it when we coordinate sedan service to meet them at the airport or take them for shorter rides during their time away from home.

Some patients don’t feel strong enough or have concerns about the reliability of public transportation. Sedan travel is a major requirement with many of our patients when it comes to organizing their travel to the clinical trial site. We use only the best transfer companies and have thoroughly researched them to ensure they will meet the needs of our patients before we book with them.

Sedan drivers meet patients at arrival points
Sedan transfers are normally requested by patients and caregivers who are travelling outside their home country. They appreciate that the driver will meet them at their arrival point, whether that is inside the airport terminal or train station, with a name board so they can easily identify the driver. We can also arrange for a driver who speaks a specific language if the patient does not speak English so they can communicate well with the patient during the trip.

Sedan transfers are used for patients who require additional assistance
Sedan transfers are also used frequently by patients who require additional assistance such as wheelchair use and transport. We can ensure that the transfer will be wheelchair accessible and large enough to hold the caregiver(s) and luggage. Most recently, we have arranged a sedan transfer for a patient who was travelling cross country with a guide dog. Nothing is ever too much hassle for the car service providers that we work with, which is great since we have such a diverse range of patients with various needs and this type of service may not always be provided when taking a normal taxi service.

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