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Colpitts Clinical routinely encounters patients who have medical needs that make being away from home challenging. Addressing these needs in Colpitts’ custom itineraries is standard practice, even if the request is anything but standard.


A patient for whom Colpitts was arranging hotel accommodations required an elevated toilet seat. After some research, the Colpitts team was able to order the seat and have it discreetly delivered to the hotel. Due to an unexpected extended stay at the trial site, the patient moved to another hotel, but left her seat behind. Again Colpitts ordered and delivered a raised seat. Since this patient travels often for medical purposes, Colpitts requested that the hotels the patient frequents store an elevated toilet seat on site so one is always available and installed in the patient’s room before arrival.


Colpitts has often worked with one child patient who is accompanied to medical treatment by a grandparent because the child’s parent cannot travel due to their own medical restrictions. The grandparent did not have access to a reliable car, or one equipped to handle the child’s medical devices and medically necessary food supply, yet had to travel over three hours to get the young patient to a clinical trial site. The Colpitts Clinical team identified a suitable vehicle, worked with the rental company to ensure it would be cleaned before each use to medical specifications, and has it delivered to the patient’s home when necessary.

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