Ground Transportation Program Key for Clinical Trials

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The global clinical trial travel company reports that 80 percent of its trial sponsor clients utilize sedan services to reduce instances of missed appointments.

NORWOOD, MASS. – Costs can grow quickly as clinical trial timelines are pushed past initial deadlines, which is why many sponsors seek ways of ensuring that key milestones are met on time and budget. Colpitts Clinical has found a unique strategy its clients have cited as a helpful time management tool – ground transportation services for trial participants.

“We see about 80 percent of our sponsors working with us to arrange sedan services for patients,” Colpitts Senior Advisor, Alan M. Krensky said. “The reason is that in many cases patients don’t feel well enough to drive or arrange their own transportation, or they’re traveling with children and can’t find a car for hire with available child seats, so they inevitably end up missing appointments.”

Colpitts’ network of sedan services extends over 30,000 vehicles worldwide. These services address patient barriers such as wheelchair accessibility and vehicle size to ensure that families traveling for long-term trial participation can transport all of their luggage. It’s not uncommon for patients to travel across the world to participate in trials for rare diseases, and in such cases the patients may be unable to research reliable, safe means of transportation. Drivers within Colpitts’ network of providers are vetted with full background and drug tests, and all vehicles are tracked and monitored via real-time GPS.

For sponsors, the benefits of HIPAA-compliant billing and liability insurance protection for passengers accompany the time savings associated with fewer rescheduled appointments.

“We continue to support alternate ground arrangements through our expense reimbursement management for on-demand, ride sharing, taxi, bus or shuttle providers, but at the end of the day, the best option is the one that helps patients feel at home while they’re on clinical travel, and keeps them involved in the trial,” Krensky said.

About Colpitts Clinical:
Colpitts Clinical is one of the only full-service travel and expense management providers dedicated specifically to the clinical trial sponsors and patients. Headquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts, Colpitts Clinical is a Direct Travel company, and has offices throughout the United States, Canada as well as offices in the U.K. Our international network, Direct ATPI Global Travel, has offices throughout the world with the ability to deliver solutions customized to the needs of its pharmaceutical, biotechnology, CRO and site clients.

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