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NORWOOD, MASS. – Every day medical researchers, scientists, patients, and families search for treatments for conditions that affect people all over the world. Clinical trials have shown the capability to get life-changing drugs approved and on the market, which is why now more than ever there is a demand for continued testing. In response to this demand, Colpitts Clinical this week launched a new website, Colpitts Clinical, dedicated solely to helping clinical trial sponsors, site coordinators, research organizations, and patients navigate the intricacies of clinical trial travel and expense.

The website may have a new look, however, it still features content on key pieces of clinical travel, including patient expense management, investigator meetings, both short- and long-term accommodations and various modes of transportation for patients. Plus, the website’s new responsive design caters to visitor’s on-the-go who access the site via a mobile device. With a singular focus on clinical travel, it is easy to navigate. The new website reinforces Colpitts Clinical’s commitment to patient-centric travel.

“In this quickly changing world of technology, we are excited to launch a new website that highlights the evolution and growth of Colpitts Clinical,” said Alan M. Krensky.  “The new website not only offers site sponsors and coordinators the latest industry information, but also an opportunity to be become part of a growing community tackling real issues of patient retention, budget management, and regulatory compliance.”

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