Lost Prepaid Expense Card? Keep Calm and Carry On

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Reloadable credit cards have changed the game when it comes to billing and patient reimbursement for clinical trial expenses. The cards have made it easier than ever for patients to manage their expenses, and for coordinators and sponsors to manage their budgets. Naturally, patients have concerns about how they would pay for expenses if anything were to happen to their card during the trial period. In order to ease those concerns, let me walk you through the process…

  • Things happen. People lose cards, belongings can be stolen or left behind. This can be even more common during travel to new places, hotel and hospital stays, and other environments out of your normal comfort. If your card is misplaced or stolen, call us immediately to report issues or your missing card. Tip: If you report your lost or stolen card before anyone uses it, you won’t be liable for any unauthorized charges.
  • Moving forward. Colpitts Clinical is here to help you and get you a new card quickly. Once notified, our billing team will immediately block your old card, issue a new card, and transfer any remaining balance to your new card. We will also answer any additional questions you have regarding the use of your new reloadable Visa card.
  • Problems solved. Did you lose your card in the middle of your travels? Are you now feeling stranded without funds? Our team can provide assistance with any card issues during your travel. If staying at a hotel, we are able to overnight your new Visa reloadable card to you right at your hotel. The card will be waiting for you with the front desk staff so you won’t miss a beat.
  • Trust the process. If your card was compromised, we will work closely with you and our card provider to work through the fraud dispute process. It is essential that the cardholder provides all required information so that the dispute resolution process can move forward quickly.

Unauthorized credit card charges can be scary and a pain to deal with, but with our card provider and the billing team at Colpitts Clinical, patients and caregivers can focus on what’s important.

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